ORANGE DREAM BAR THC GUMMIES (500 MGS) CRAZY EXOTICS! 10 gummies per bag, 50 mgs per gummie


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Just in, Orange Dream Bar flavor Big Mamas gummies! Incredible taste! Look these Big Mamas gummies are going to be the only ones we carry soon as they are just much better than everything else on the market period.. If Snoop Dogg and Jayz knew about these gummies these would be the ones they took! Crazy high end exotic stuff from our mad scientist friend, four flavors total. These are next level gummies! .  Infused with liquid diamonds! What are liquid diamonds you ask:

Liquid diamonds, to put it short, is pure THCA.   After a butane extraction is performed the extracted material is allowed to “chill” under slight pressure in a sealed jar.   This is when the thc molecules combine and crystallize into what is know as thca diamonds.   While the crystals from, the terpenes become supersets in an orange like “sauce”.  Once this process is complete The crystallized diamonds are then separated from the hi terpene extract.    The diamonds are then melted down and decarboxylated in order to turn the thca into psychoactive thc.    Liquid diamonds are pure thc.  No residual solvent, no fats waxes or plant matter.

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